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Written in the Stars

Roberto and Jackie were strangers when they each moved out to Los Angeles from Connecticut and Wisconsin in early 2014. In 2015, they found themselves working at the same company, chatting around the water cooler about market research and outer space, developing a casual friendship.

Later that year, NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab hosted an annual open house for the public. Roberto and Jackie planned to attend with a group of coworkers. Scheduling conflicts arose and they were the only friends left to explore the universe together. They were just two buddies visiting mission control, watching rovers, and getting to know each other in sweltering heat and long lines waiting to tour the labs that built Juno and Cassini. They grew close contemplating the vastness of the solar system, and made plans to keep the wonder going.

For a few months after the JPL visit, they spent the first Friday of each month at Griffith Observatory, attending a public lecture called “All Space Considered”. Each visit they grew closer, learning about the latest in space news. One fateful night, sitting underneath Jupiter in the to-scale solar system exhibit, Jackie put her head on Roberto's shoulder. Afterwards, at a diner eating pie and recapping his favorite topic of the night, Roberto told Jackie he was most excited for Cassini to pass through a geyser’s plume on Enceladus. But really, it was her head on his shoulder.

The wonder of the universe has continued to bring them together. On a visit to Wisconsin, Jackie drove far away from city lights and showed Roberto the clearest view of the Milky Way he'd ever seen. In Seattle, they danced on top of the space needle. They enjoyed the “Great American Solar Eclipse” in LA with special binoculars and a homemade pinhole projector. They continue to visit JPL whenever they can get tickets, and fuel the fascination they share.

Roberto proposed on a hammock on a warm July evening under the stars last year. Now, they would be delighted to share their happiness with friends and family as we all come together for their wedding day.


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